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Montage Boutique Spa
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Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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Montage treatments all have the personal touch. Whether it’s skincare, body care, a mani/pedi or make-up, you will first have a personal assessment to determine which treatment is just right for you. Our ultimate goal is to see you walk out the door relaxed, refreshed and feeling truly pampered.

Skin Care

“I’ve gone to every spa, tried every product for my skin, and I will never leave Montage. My skin glows! Montage has the best facials—I love everything and I feel like it’s part of my community.” ~Loren N.

Cutting edge skincare treatments at Montage can produce a visible difference and are the result of owner Dianne de la Garrigue’s constant quest to find the latest advancements in products and procedures. Careful assessment of each client’s needs creates a personalized procedure and maintenance plan just for you! While our aestheticians can recommend products to maintain your glowing skin, there’s no pressure to load you up with an expensive array of products and they will help evolve your skincare regimen to personally suit your needs and pocketbook. Now that’s refreshing to hear!

Montage Signature Facial

The ultimate in advanced skincare therapy, this treatment is recommended for skin that has been compromised by sun exposure, stress and environmental pollutants. Let our experienced estheticians create a custom facial by choosing from our Vitamin C and peptide peels, plant and fruit enzymes. You will see visible results in elasticity, pigmentation and fine lines. Skin looks radiant and healthy and you feel completely pampered.

60 minutes $135-$165

Regenerative Stem Cell Facial

Sounds scientific, but the results of this innovative facial are amazing. Our premier anti-aging treatment, this multi-step process includes miraculous plant stem cells from beginning to end. Each product has concentrated amounts of active ingredients to lift, tone and invigorate your skin. These advanced products increase cellular turnover, which rejuvenates skin and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll look and feel refreshed and rested.

60 minutes $185 / Stemology with DiamondTome™ 75 minutes $205

DiamondTome™ MicroDermabrasion

This state-of-the-art Microdermabrasion system uses the DiamondTome™ wands to remove the topmost layer of skin by polishing it with natural diamond chips, then vacuums away the dead skin cells. We follow this innovative process with a variety of soothing, hydrating and toning serums to create a smoother, fresher looking surface and promote the growth of healthy new skin cells.

60 minutes $145 / Add enzyme $15 / Add décolleté $35

Clinical Skincare Facial

This highly effective facial targets all types of skin issues, from dehydration to teen acne. Our therapeutic deep cleansing begins with a plant-based enzyme treatment and steam, followed by a thorough deep pore cleaning. Soothing, anti-inflammatory serums and masques will leave your complexion cleansed, nourished and revitalized.

45 minutes $100

Advanced Peels & Treatments

Ask our therapists to inform you of the latest in advanced anti-aging skincare products and procedures that we offer.

Products We Use To Pamper You


Body Care

Montage provides an array of personalized treatments to take care of your body from head to toe. Select from our relaxing, rejuvenating customized massages, expert waxing, sunless tanning and a manicure/pedicure option that’s out of this world!


Custom Massage Therapy

Whether as a cure to a stressed out lifestyle or to address nagging aches and pains, a Montage massage can be the answer to your aching back or muscles. Our experienced and highly skilled massage therapist will first assess your specific needs for mind and body. Treatment begins the moment you sink into the innovative Body Cushion, where true relaxation takes hold. While your body is feeling supported and in complete alignment, a homeopathic herbal inhalation is selected to release tension. Enjoy the benefits of this customized massage, created specifically to address your individual needs and desires, from head to toe.

30 minutes $75 / 60 minutes $125 / 90 minutes $165 / 120 minutes $205

“I consider myself a bit of a massage aficionado, and I can truly say that at Montage, I receive one the best massages in the South Bay. Their specialized massage table places my body in a super relaxed position and is the most comfortable I’ve been on.”

~Troy D.

Raindrop Treatment

This massage treatment combines a unique and targeted energy approach with pure, authentic essential extracts for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience. You’ll enjoy an alignment of energy and a sense of tranquility and mind-body harmony.

75 minutes $165


Advanced & Exotic Waxing

The ever-increasing popularity of personal body hair removal has allowed Montage Boutique Spa and our technicians the opportunity to become experts in this field. In-depth training and research in the area of specialty waxes, advanced techniques and customized equipment procedures have produced a waxing program that offers several options to address each client’s needs. Our technicians employ the most stringent and sanitary protocol, designed for your safety and health.

Facial Waxing Treatments

  • Eyebrow Wax- $30
  • Eyebrow Sculpture- $30
    (includes highlighting)
  • Tweezed Only- $35
  • Lip, Chin or Forehead- $18 each
  • Nose- $18
  • Sideburns- $18
  • Full Face- $60
    (lip, cheeks, chin & forehead)

Body Waxing Treatments

  • Neck- $15
  • Underarm- $30
  • Back- $80
  • Stomach- $20
  • Forearms & Hands- $45 and Up
  • Full Arms & Hands- $55
  • Full Legs- $80
  • Upper or Lower Leg Only- $60
  • Inner Thigh- $25
  • Feet & Toes- $15

Bikini Waxing Treatments

  • Bikini Wax- $45
    (panty line)
  • French Bikini- $60
    (panty line and inside buttocks)
  • Brazilian Bikini- $75
    (complete genitalia and inside buttocks, option hair in front)


Organic Sunless Tanning

Want to look tan and toned without spending time baking in the dangerous sun? Our Sunless Tan is a multi-treatment skincare and tanning system that atomizes anti-aging botanicals into a very fine mist which deliver high quality skin benefits and a natural, healthy glow (with no tan lines, if desired!) We think our sunless tanning is the best in town, but the Easy Reader officially confirmed it by voting Montage “Best Spray Tan” in the South Bay! Come see what they’re talking about. You’ll walk out looking bronzed and beautiful!

Full Body Tan $70 / Series of 6 is $360 ($60 savings) / M3 $60


Organic Spa Manicure & Pedicure

A mani/pedi is a treat in itself, but a mani/pedi at Montage is an indulgent experience you won’t soon forget. Montage uses only “free” polish lines, including Zoya, OPI and Essie, great for pregnant and nursing moms or anyone who’s health-conscious. Choose from these options:

  • Full Treatment Spa Mani & Pedi – Imagine the most relaxing mani/pedi ever, delivered while you are lying down in one of our serene, quiet treatment rooms. Includes the normal shaping, buffing, cuticle work and hot towel, but with the addition of a glorious scrub and massage. The final touch: beautiful lacquer on fingers and toes. You’ll feel luxurious, pampered, even decadent!!!!
    Mani 45 minutes $55 / Pedi 1 hour $60 / Anti-Aging Pedi 90 minutes $85
  • Fashion Nail Art/Design Application – Choose from a variety of fun add-ons like sparkles, patterns and personalized designs.
    + $5-$20
  • M3 Weekly Polish Change – One of the benefits of the Montage Monthly Membership program, a weekly polish change is included along with a mani/pedi for just $85/month (reg. $115). “Unlimited” accessory nails are part of the package too! What a deal! Find out more about M3 here.

“Marina was able to combine comfort and luxury into one manicure/pedicure. Being able to lay down for both made it so very unique, soothing and relaxing-as if a girlfriend was doing my nails.”

~Jennifer J.



Jane Iredale Cosmetics

Enjoy a complimentary color match with Jane Iredale’s pharmaceutical-grade mineral make-up. Look luminescent and natural with all the skincare benefits this advanced new line has to offer.

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Ltd. is a mineral beauty brand founded in 1994 by Ms. Jane Iredale. She was the very first beauty product manufacturer to supply the entertainment industry with mineral-based cosmetics. Iredale was also the first to embrace the opportunity of providing physicians with makeup products that are beneficial to the skin. Over the years, she has worked with renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons to improve her product line.

Before Ms. Iredale embarked on her career in the beauty industry, her background was in theatre, film and television as a casting director, production manager and producer. Her work experience in the limelight gave her an insight of how a clear complexion can make or break a person’s career in front of the camera. She also learned that a variety of skin conditions can also affect a person’s self-confidence. Ultimately, Ms. Iredale witnessed the struggles of actresses and models dealing with the undesirable effects of traditional or conventional makeup products to the skin.


When Ms. Iredale left the entertainment business, she reassessed her personal goals and asked herself what she can contribute to enrich the lives of these women. She views makeup as an important part of a woman’s positive sense of mind and she is committed to help them achieve this the easiest way possible. She created her mineral makeup line with ease-of-use and multi-functionality in mind. Her mineral powders are considered as all-in-one product for they are foundation, concealer and sunscreen in one. The idea is to provide women with an innovative beauty experience that can be attained in the least amount of time. She postulates that makeup can do more than to make you look good – it also has the power to make you feel better.

The Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Advantage

Conventional makeup can contain as much as 90% talc. They also contain emulsifiers that are comodogenic which clogs the pores and exacerbates acne because of follicular inflammation. Mineral makeup is healthy for the skin because its natural pigmentation prevents bacterial growth. It also has sun protection properties that provide defense against UVA and UVB rays.

  1. Healthy – Mineral makeup is made from pharmaceutical grade minerals that won’t clog the pores or settle in lines or creases. Mineral makeup is a better option than traditional makeup because it is non-comodogenic, paraben-free and is created with natural preservatives, making them healthy and gentle across all skin types.
  2. Anti-Aging – Mineral makeup offers sheer to full coverage which helps in camouflaging signs of aging. The micronized minerals has the ability to reflect sunlight away from wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines and mirror the appearance of the undamaged areas of the skin across imperfections making them less noticeable.
  3. Sun Protection – The physical sunblock, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, found in mineral makeup offer outstanding UV light absorbing qualities which prevent the skin from further developing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other forms of sun damage.
  4. Natural – Dubbed as a skin-perfecting powder, mineral makeup is so natural looking that it looks like a second skin.
  5. Long-Lasting – Mineral makeup has a pearlescent and fine powder texture that adheres to the natural oils of the skin making it last all day long until removed with a cleanser.

M3 – Montage Monthly Membership Program


You deserve a monthly treat, and everybody loves a discount! Save $30-$90 on your service each month by joining the Montage Monthly Membership Program, better known as M3. Enjoy looking and feeling healthier, while you enjoy great savings. You’ll say “Mmmm” to that and you’ll love your standing appointment to spoil yourself just a little each month!

Here’s how M3 works

Discount is offered on Facials, Massage, Tanning and Nail Care. Select your favorite treatment(s) and we will automatically debit the charge once a month.

  • MASSAGE- 60 minutes $100/mo. (Regularly $125) / 90 minutes $140/mo. (Regularly $165) – Montage Custom Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage.
  • FACIALS- $110/mo. (Regularly $135) – Signature or Microdermabrasion.
  • SUNLESS TANNING- $60/mo. (Regularly $70)
  • SPA MANICURES & PEDICURES$105/mo. (Regularly $115) – Excludes Anti-Aging.

If you want more than one treatment/mo. for any of these services, the M3 rate applies. Commit for 3 months and try it out. We think you’ll love this monthly indulgence at a discount, but if you don’t, just give us 30 days notice.